The Truth Behind Using Fish (or Krill) Oil for a Bigger Butt

The Truth Behind Using Fish (or Krill) Oil for a Bigger Butt

Thanks to curvy celebs like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez – women around the world are searching high and low for ways to plump up their butts. From butt implants to the dangerous, and sometimes deadly butt injections – people are dying (no pun intended) to get a bigger butt. Many have opted for more holistic approaches including the use of fish oil, which contains the healthy omega fatty acids.

Fish oil contains micro-nutrients known as the omega fatty acid, these are broken down into 5 types of Omega acids

1. Omega 3: One category of Omega 3 oil contains ALA which is good for your heart and arteries. It makes your blood cells less “sticky”. EPA and DHA are int he other category. DHA is good for your eyes and brain and EPA is great for the joints.

2. Omega 5&6: Omega 5 acids are good for hair, skin and nails and helps to give that “glow” look. Omega-5 also contains CMO which aids in collagen reformation. Omega 6 acids help in the regulation of metabolism.

3. Omega 7 & 9: Omega 7 contains PA and CVA which create mucus membranes in the body. This is useful for helping sinus problems and feminine dryness. Omega 9 contains OA which reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Now, why is such a healthy oil thought to increase the size of the glutes? Well as a healthy or “good” fat, promoters of this method believe that by rubbing the oil into your skin, it will help “plump” the butt. Those who have used it and claim to have seen results have taken the following steps

  • Break open 3 or 4 fish oil pills for each side of your butt
  • Using a method known as “dry brushing” (brushing your dry skin with a body brush) or with a hot towel – open the pores of your skin.
  • Rub the oils onto your behind
  • Wait for results

Although there is no scientific proof to the method, those who swear by it have seen an average increase of 2 inches, but all state that it took time – upwards of two to three months. Please note that the fish oil stinks, so you may need to use another scented body oil to mask the smell.

Before you go out and buy all the fish oil capsules you can find, keep in mind – it will take a combination of muscle and fat to enlarge the butt.

When it comes to gaining fat in the butt you have to consider two factors: are you genetically predisposed to gaining fat in that part of your body? Are you genetically predisposed to having larger muscles in your butt?

No amount of special oils or pills will give you more than what your body is naturally capable of doing!
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The Truth Behind Using Fish (or Krill) Oil for a Bigger Butt

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