How to Use Twitter For MLM Or Network Marketing

How to Use Twitter For MLM Or Network Marketing

How can you use twitter to promote your MLM or network marketing business. Once you have an account set up, you must have a way to direct people to your website. Your website must convert that visitor into a lead and more importantly, into money. I suggest getting a custom made background for twitter that lists your website and other important information such as a call to action.

Some free tools I recommend are:

10.) – Shorten your urls and track the clicks

9.) Twitter Feed – Add a RSS feed like a blog or Google news item to your twitter account to add some awesome content automatically

8.) Twitter Grader – See your ranking on twitter and your grade. Also search for others by location or name

7.) Twollo – Find a niche market and search for those terms people are talking about and all them automatically to your follower list

6.) – Quickest tool to unfollow hundreds of people who aren’t following you

5.) Twitter Counter – Graph your followers and add your stats to your other sites for other people to add you

4.) Ping FM – Set up MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, others and send a message to all accounts at once using this tool

3.) Tweet Deck – Organized and easy tool to reply and keep up with new messages; also has Facebook updates

2.) Tweet Later – Automatically send DM’s to new followers. Auto-follow people that follow you. The upgrade allows you to send automatic tweets any time you want and lets you rerun it every 2 hours to once a week.

1.) – Best free tool out there to find people with similar interests and follow their followers. Mass unfollow and follow very easily.

Now that you have your twitter account going, do you have an effective website that turns visitors into money? Network marketing is basically sales and you need to learn how to market to make money in MLM; Twitter won’t help you with your conversions and sales funnel.

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How to Use Twitter For MLM Or Network Marketing

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