Instant Professional Dream Translation

Instant Professional Dream Translation

I’m used to translating a series of dreams from the same dreamer, providing him or her full psychotherapy. I didn’t think this would be possible online though, because there are too many internet users that are curious about the meaning of their dreams: I have to translate their dreams alone without anyone’s help, and the price of my professional dream translation cannot be cheaper than a professional translation from one language to the other, especially due to my responsibility. I give the dreamer advice, really helping him or her solve their personal problems based on the information given by the unconscious mind in their dreams.

I have offered my instant professional dream translation on the internet for those who don’t have time to study dream interpretation according to the scientific method but who have serious problems that no one can solve, or are very curious about the meaning of a dream. I do this in the hope that many people will begin to care about learning how to translate their dreams alone after seeing in practice how helpful this knowledge is, since only one or two dreams are not enough for someone’s psychotherapy, and most people cannot afford paying for a series of translations.

However, I saw in practice since last year, when I started offering this service to the public online, that even by translating only one simple short dream for someone I’m helping many people, and this help is very effective.

There are many short dreams that are revealing, and most people are too ignorant concerning their psychical world. This is why they make too many mistakes in their lives.

Therefore, only by showing them the points of the objective reality that they are despising, and by explaining to them why their thoughts and behaviors are wrong, I’m already helping these people very much.

Many times they don’t agree with me in the beginning, because my advice is based on the vision given to me by the messages contained in their dreams, which may be totally different from what their conscious mind believes, however, as we talk about their lives and their problems, they understand that the unconscious’ guidance is correct, and that my advice is saving them from suffering.

For example, one lady wanted very much to have a second child, but could not become pregnant again after having her first child. When she sent me her dream and I translated it, I had to tell her that she had to forget the idea of having another child, because this wouldn’t be good for her.

Only by analyzing her short dream and a few details about her biography, it became very clear to me why she should not insist on trying to become pregnant again.

She didn’t want to accept this truth though, and we had to exchange many messages with her questions and my answers, until she understood why it was not wise to insist on her plan. In the end she agreed with me, embarrassed for insisting so much on her opinion…

Another example is the case of a dreamer who sent me a short nightmare, irritated because he could not understand why he had such negative dream. He didn’t believe that my translation would be accurate and really helpful, but asked me to translate his dream only because it was a horrible nightmare that left him quite thoughtful.

My translation helped him understand that he could make a very serious mistake that would ruin his entire life.

When he understood from what the translation of his dream saved him, he thanked me many times, abandoning his initially suspicious attitude and becoming very friendly…

Yes, the translation of only one short dream can save you from a lot of trouble, changing completely your life.

Imagine now how many advantages you can have if you learn how to translate alone your own dreams everyday!

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Instant Professional Dream Translation

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