Business and Social Media – Twitter Or Facebook?

Business and Social Media – Twitter Or Facebook?

Do you use social media for your marketing? If so, do you use Facebook or Twitter? Both have their merits, advantages and disadvantages.

One of the problems in determining which to use is deciding which will be best for your particular needs. After all, you want something that will not only give you a good return for your investment but a GREAT return. And you don’t want to be spending time, money and manpower doing something of disputed value, do you?

There is some information that might help. A recent survey has suggested that Facebook comes out on top. This was the case with traffic stats. It goes without saying that traffic will be greater on Facebook simply because it is the second most visited site in the US (Google is first).

Although traffic is one (and, of course, important) parameter to measure, there are other things to think about. When looking at the benefits of viral marketing, then Twitter came out top. Do you know that main reason that this is the case? The live real time search facility – you can find out what people are talking about real easy. Therefore it is not surprise to hear that Twitter was better for market research and business to business marketing.

There are a few issues. Traffic alone is no measure of marketing success but is seems sensible to use Facebook simply for the exposure it can provide. The search facility may be of use for brand awareness and targeted responses. But, then again, why not use both?

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Business and Social Media – Twitter Or Facebook?


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