Machine Translation Compared to a Translator’s Translation

Machine Translation Compared to a Translator’s Translation

Quality is the main difference between the systems. A machine is not yet advanced enough to achieve what the human brain can reason with and create. Translation work involves normally very important copy and for it to be translated by a machine will reduce the success of the work. Manuals and advertising copy are examples of pieces of work which are very influential in the life of a company. Advertising which can be found to be misleading will result in fines and disgrace for the company and if the advertising is being displayed on a web site then this is not an offer to treat but an actual offer under the terms of sale of goods act. So for instance if the wording made an offer which financially was ruinous for the company then this would have major repercussions for the success of the company. Web copy therefore is particularly important to be accurate and precise.

Translation software still cost money one can see the benefits of using a product which will give you a quick and simple representation of an article in a different language. Grammar and language structure for most languages is set within a number of rules and the software will ad-dear to those rules. Automatic spell checking in word software packages have known to want to change a misspelt word into a completely different meaning of a word. Reliance on the unknown is a very dangerous method of working because if the user new how to translate the work then they would not have any need for translators etc.

Advertising space were ever it may be found has cost a great deal of money for the owner of the copy. Copy writers will spend hours working and reworking testing to achieve the right enforces and produce the right feeling from the piece of work. If the work was sent to a translation bureau then it first would be translated by a translator and then would be proof read to check the quality of the finished piece by another college in the organisation to ensure the work is accurate and represents the original work. This will of course take a few days but if the work is valuable to a company then the cost in time and work will be to its advantage companies and individuals reputation is a priceless commodity and once it has been tarnished requires a great deal of effort to restore. The well documented story of Mr Ratner who made the remark that his jewellery was rubbish is a prime example of something which was taken out of context and destroyed the business, words are powerful and used badly can have detrimental effects.

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Machine Translation Compared to a Translator’s Translation

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