How to Lose a Fortune Without Earning a Penny on the Internet

How to Lose a Fortune Without Earning a Penny on the Internet

1. Select the marketing guru with the flashiest web site and who claims the most money to be earned in a day with his program. Base your decision on the pictures of his fancy car and luxury lifestyle and the screen shots of his accounts.

2. Buy his program, including the bargain up-grades offered for that minute only or they’re gone forever.

3. Also buy the recommended programs and courses from your guru’s internet friends.

4. When you come to a gap in your instructions or a required step that you are not told how to do and you don’t know what to do next, go buy another guru’s program.

5. Buy additional programs and courses from that new guru’s friends.

6. Any time you hit a snag and don’t have any idea how to do the next thing (e.g., build a list, write a newsletter, write a classified ad, find a joint venture partner, use an auto-responder, etc.), buy another program or course that promises to do that task for you.

7. Repeat this process until you are out of money completely. It won’t take long.

Does that sound good? It is the story of how most beginner marketers on the internet fail. The reason for it is divided between the uninformed behavior of the tyro marketer and the poor quality of so much of the marketing programs being sold.

Many true beginners starting out to make money on the internet have no idea what they are doing. They don’t know the meaning of half the words they encounter because they assume that words are used the same way on the web as in Real Life. They don’t know which brick-and-mortar business models will translate successfully into web commerce. They don’t know what actually will make money on the internet and what will probably bomb. They have no realistic idea of what returns are possible for their investment of money and time.

They get bombarded with hype in big typeface and garish colors accompanied by images of currency spilling all over, and even though they say to themselves that they don’t really believe they will be making $1,500 every day, the secret fantasy starts to take root. In the face of the kind of money they are sure they will soon be earning, spending another $197 for six more videos that promise to show how to cash in on – well, you name it, they’ll buy it. Anyway, on top of what they have already spent, that doesn’t seem like a lot of money.

One thing for sure: anyone thinking about getting into business on the internet needs to do some serious research before plunging in. It’s important to find out what kinds of business are most likely to create income and how long it will take. There are reliable, reputable, and effective programs, but which ones are they? (Anyone using “review” and “scam-reporting” sites should take along a big bag of salt, since many of these are nothing more than advertising in disguise.) Some intense Google drilling down will turn up information on every person and program offered. There is money to be made, real money and a lot of it, but not without due diligence. And dumb luck helps too.
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How to Lose a Fortune Without Earning a Penny on the Internet

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