An in Depth Review of the Second Generation Kindle DX From Amazon Technologies

An in Depth Review of the Second Generation Kindle DX From Amazon Technologies

The most recent of reading devices has now been released by Amazon Technologies, which is the Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device. It is a perfect gift for this Christmas season for students or any book lover, avid readers or any one who likes to cultivate the habit of reading.

The latest Kindle DX makes reading simply so enjoyable. The features on the new DX are wonderful and are very suitable to any reader on the go…on top of convenience you can store over 3000 books in it. If you are an avid rader when commuting, just imagine how convenient it would be to have the newest 18 ounces Kindle DX with you on the train instead of clunky books!

The most recent version of Kindle DX has way more sex appeal than its predecessor. It looks sleek and upper sharp. It can stores over 3000 books, blogs, magazines or news papers, which is great for people that lack space to store text books at home or in your dorm room. Kindle DX is thin as most magazines and is no thinner than a pencil or 1/3 of an inch! This second generation Kindle won’t leave you messing around like some other bulky e-book reader devices on the market. The large screen is great for a large range of reading material, including books that contain graphics, newspapers, regular text books, media magazines, and PDF’s. Both texts and pictures are crystal clear on this large 9.7″ display. One of the coolest new features is the display which is auto like the iPhone does. By simply turning the device clockwise or counter-clockwise, you can change your view to landscape type views.

The absolute coolest thing about this machine is that you simply access wireless internet with the built so you can to access over 360,000 books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. The Kindle DX hooks into cell lines – not internet lines. And the 3G lines are fast!! What else is mind blowingly cool? The read to me feature. The Read-to-me feature is a text to speech feature that will read your books to you out in a male or female voice. The battery is great also you can read on a single charge for up to 3 days. If you turn the wireless off you can read for almost up to two weeks.

There is one problem. While it is true that it natively reads PDF files, it is sometime a pain. The text sometimes does not show up a clearly and the text size is sometimes not changeable. Sometimes if you change the font size on PDF, your links work properly, or if at all. Sometime you are also not able to magnify your pictures. Apart from that there is nothing really negative to say about it. If you are an avid reader then you will enjoy it’s portability, dependability and you will love it’s huge 9.7″ which reads like real paper…it has an unbelievable 16 shades of gray for both great text and images.

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An in Depth Review of the Second Generation Kindle DX From Amazon Technologies


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