How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

As far as making money online from blog is concerned traffic or visitors for your blog is the key. No visitors or traffic to your blog means your blog simply does not exist. Getting traffic involves many techniques. Read on…

Webmaster’s main target should be to get the best and most of free search engine traffic. For that to achieve you need to get indexed in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. Getting indexed is nothing but getting a place in the search engine directories and in the search engine results page (SERP). But getting indexed does not necessarily ensure that your blog will be between first 30 results. If your blog is not within first 30 for a certain keyword of your blog then your blog simply does not exist for that keyword.

Solutions: Become familiar with some white hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Getting ranked (PR) in search engines is like a war between webmasters. If you are serious about wining this SE war you got to be aware of some SEO techniques. Keep building unique Quality articles which is relevant and useful and links, because these are the keys. Content optimization by using relevant keywords through proper keyword research. You can use AdWords external free keyword tool for researching keywords.

Target low competition keywords in the beginning. Gradually you can optimize for broader and competitive keywords.

Insert your keyword in title tag, heading tag (h1-h6) domain name, content maintaining the keyword density (1-2.5%) and along with keyword proximity and prominence.

Use Googles Webmastertools and feedburner. Do Burn an RSS (Really simple syndication) feed in feedburner. Note your feedburner ID, you can get it any time you like. Ping for the articles you write using Pingomatic. It will accelerate search engine bots to quickly find your article.

In webmaster tools follow the instructions and add your blog,verify your blog, Submit a sitemap by RSS feed. It helps in getting indexed quickly.

Try to get the most of social networking sites to promote your blog. Face book and Twitter can be a great source of traffic if utilized properly.

Submit your blog to blog directories like Mybloglog, Blogcatalog etc. Google will quickly index your blog.

Try to get listed in DMOZ and Yahoo directory (@$$). If you want to get your site optimized for Yahoo then getting listed in Yahoo directory is worth considering.

Submit unique and useful articles to article directories like Goarticles, EzineArticles, article marketer, isnare etc. with a backlink to your blog going by the directory stipulations. This is great stuff. Make use of it. Your submitted article should be of same niche of your blog.

Offline promotion helps building traffic. Like tea shirts with your blog address printed on it. Blog address on your Business cards, Telling like minded people.

Become an active member and a contributor of your niche forums. Become a valuable consecutive contributor and use your blog link in the forum signature. This can be a good source of your traffic.

If you don’t mind paying for your traffic then Google is there for you through their AdWord program.

Do not use black hat SEO techniques. It will get your blog/site delisted from the search engine results.

Commenting on other blogs specially do follow of your niche and trackbacking are proven source of visitors.

This is really very important to analyze the Google Analytics statistics and keywords to get a better understanding of the demand of your niche visitors. Give a look on avg time on site and what exactly the keyword was, they used to reach your blog content. You will get good idea about what people are thinking or searching for but not getting on your blog.

Answering questions on Yahoo and LinkedIn answers is a great method of getting traffic and getting indexed in SE. Try to be early to answer there and prove yourself an expert with a link back to your blog.

Writing controversial posts might bring some people to your blog. But you should not start writing controversial articles Just for the sake of getting visitors. write only if it suits you as well as your blog niche and if the situation demands.

You need to add your main keywords in your blog title and description and use keyword in your post title. Try Backlinking and internal linking using keyword rich anchor text.

Use keyword rich post title and use relevant labels or tags. Do not write too more than 4-5 labels or tags

Try building your blog a brand. First impression really matters. As You never get a second chance to create first impression.

Be early to write about a particular topic. Write on something relevant and useful but has never been published online.

Last but very important be considerate to your existing visitors showing attention, by solving their problems on related issues. So if you are serious about building traffic and making money online then implement the above said points.For more information visit part time online jobs. This is all about how you get traffic to your blog.

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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog


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