Facebook Marketing Strategy – 3 Quick Tips to Start Generating Leads on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Strategy – 3 Quick Tips to Start Generating Leads on Facebook

Over the past few years, the world has literally been rocked by the social phenomenon and social networking site called “Facebook”. Now home to over 500 million users over the globe, Facebook is in a key position to become one of the largest businesses ever to exist in the history of our world. Having such a large database of people, this provides ample opportunity for people to build large home based businesses by leveraging the power of Facebook.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are wondering around today totally clueless how to leverage and use Facebook Marketing in order to build a highly targeted database of prospects. So the question now becomes, “How do I use Facebook in order to generate leads for my business?” There are many strategies available today however, these 4 quick tips will get you on the right track to start generating leads as early as today:

1)Add 50 New Friends Per Day: In order to start generating leads you’ll need to start building your friends database first before you can move forward. The most important points of this strategy are that you are adding targeted people that are in your chosen niche. To do this, search in Facebook groups for whatever your niche is then simply join a few groups and start adding people.

However, you don’t just simply want to add people. What you’ll want to do is to add a simple welcome message to each friend request to show people that you took the time to check them out. This will put you farther ahead than virtually 95% of people because virtually no one is doing this.

2)Send People A Welcome Video: Once people approve your friend request, make a twenty second video that welcomes them as you friend and tell them exactly what your intentions are by being their friend. The main thing to keep in mind is that you are NOT going to be pitching your business opportunity to people on Facebook. Your sole intention is to merely provide value to people and to build relationships with others.

To really make this strategy shine, tell people in your video that you have a free gift for them to claim and refer them back to your blog in order to receive your free gift. Again, you are not going to be pitching them on your business opportunity, you are merely just trying to get them on your email list.

3)Add An Opt In Box In The HTML Profile Box: Another strategy for generating leads on Facebook is that you can add an opt in box on your Facebook profile. To do this, you’ll simply install the application onto your Facebook profile page, next you’ll go to your auto-responder and create a new campaign. Once you do this, create a web form in your auto-responder and once you are done customizing it to the way you want it to look, grab the code and simply paste it into the HTML profile box.

This strategy is very passive and as long as you are continually providing people with valuable content, you will start to attract people to this profile box and start collecting opt ins.

Although there are many other strategies that you can start to employ in your Facebook Marketing Strategy, these following three tips will definitely give you a good head start.

If you are interested in learning more advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies, make sure you read the resource box below and click on the link for more information.

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Facebook Marketing Strategy – 3 Quick Tips to Start Generating Leads on Facebook

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