YouTube Marketing Traffic Machine – Get Tons of Free Traffic With YouTube

YouTube Marketing Traffic Machine – Get Tons of Free Traffic With YouTube

Everyone online has heard of YouTube and most have watched YouTube videos. But not everyone knows about YouTube Marketing.

The main scope of internet marketing is generating traffic to a website. Without traffic an online business cannot survive.

Though most webmasters and affiliates know about the traffic generators such as Pay Per Click, Article Marketing, Ezine advertising etc., there is another marketing tool that is widely overlooked.

YouTube Marketing

Millions of people are using YouTube to upload videos to the internet for fun and entertainment, but most don’t realize what a valuable tool it can be for getting targeted traffic to a website, whether it’s their own website or an affiliate website where they, as an affiliate, get paid for purchases made through their affiliate link.

There are videos on YouTube that are watched hundreds of thousands of times per month by people from all over the world. Do you think that if there was a way to put a link to your website where everyone who watched your video could see it that you might get some clicks?

You bet you would. Especially if you could give a brief description of what your website was about.

Well, you can, and it can look just like a pay per click ad. If you aren’t familiar with pay per click ads, then the next time you do a Google search for anything, pay attention to the ads on the right side of the page. Those are all Pay Per Click ads and people are paying money every time someone clicks on one of those ads, and they could be paying anywhere from 5 cents to $10 a click or more depending on the keywords they are bidding on.

With YouTube Marketing, you can have the same kind of ad as Pay Per Click ads that can get thousands of clicks per month or more, absolutely free. And the more videos you have the more viewers and clicks to your website you will get.

Why more people don’t use YouTube for marketing their website I’ll never understand. Videos are fun to make and with a little know how, they could turn a so so website into a money generating machine, completely on autopilot.

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YouTube Marketing Traffic Machine – Get Tons of Free Traffic With YouTube


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