Build Backlinks on Facebook Without Annoying Your Friends

Build Backlinks on Facebook Without Annoying Your Friends

You know all about the importance of building backlinks to your online marketing content. You know social bookmarking sites are a great place to build them. You also know that Facebook is the biggest and most popular social bookmarking site around. You probably already use it and know how it works.

What are you waiting for? Go build backlinks on Facebook.

Does the thought of suddenly inundating your friends’ walls with your backlink building efforts make you uncomfortable? Well it should. After all, how would you feel if your own wall suddenly got bombarded with commercial content you didn’t ask for?

Welcome to the era of permission marketing where you have to ask first and say please before you send out commercial messages. OK, so your content isn’t all advertising, at least it shouldn’t be. A lot of it is actually quite helpful, but maybe not all of it is relevant to your friends’ interests. The polite thing to do is to give them a choice in the matter.

There is a simple way to build backlinks on Facebook without annoying your friends. All you have to do is create a fan page for your online marketing efforts, or dedicated to your online persona. Select the local business page option–you are the business owner. Follow Facebook’s directions to set up the page and start posting your links.

Only the people who “like” your page will see your links. If they decide they’ve had enough, they can “unlike” the page while remaining your friend.

Should you invite your friends to “like” your fan page? That is completely up to you. Some of your friends might “like” your page to support you, some will be genuinely interested and most will ignore the invite. You have given them the opportunity to opt in to your online marketing efforts and it is up to them to do so.

Once you’ve created your fan page, add a Facebook button to your website to give your visitors the opportunity to also “like” your fan page. They can become fans even if they’re not your “friends.”

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Build Backlinks on Facebook Without Annoying Your Friends

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